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Everything is Online

The Internet is a place to be in the 21st century. So, how do you and your company look like - online?

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Users usually judge you after a few mouse clicks. Your personal and business success will be determined directly from your online appearance and user’s experience.

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Reputation management

Reputation management could bring you positive effects you wouldn’t believe. Our job is to build, manage, protect and successfully improve your online presence.

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Our resources, knowledge and experience give us the power to create the best custom solutions based on your needs. Our team of online reputation specialists is at your service!

Services Carefully Tailored to Your Needs

01Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation represents your utmost importance and it should be your top priority.

So, what is online reputation management?


Online Reputation Management

Imagine having a complete set of tasks and actions that can help you present your company and yourself the way you want it to be seen.

You can protect your brand while creating an image that suits your needs and future plans.



Reputation repair

If you have somehow damaged, or even ruined the way potential customers see you online, we can help restore your image to it’s former glory.

Let’s say you are the owner of a hotel located near a chemical factory. During the years, guests have given the hotel awful reviews because of the bad smell. Luckily, the factory has closed and the smell is gone – but the bad image and negative reputation remained. This is where iReputation jumps in. We are here to successfully solve this kind of situation.

Reputation building

If your service, product and/or brand needs a clean start – or you just want to present and promote your professional skills, iReputation has a solution for you.

Most Web users don’t read; they skim. That’s why your first impression is the most important one -let users know that you have what they are looking for right from the start.

For example, a newborn jeans company wants to reach buyers and gain an advantage among other competitors. We will create the strategy that helps the company’s rise on the targeted market.

Reputation monitoring and maintenance

You have certainly struggled a lot to achieve a great, positive reputation and you’ve spent years establishing it. However, the Internet is an open space and people can say almost anything online. One bad article or a bad review can harm years of hard work. This is why you have to take precaution measures, protect your image and reputation.

We have the ability to monitor your current online state and we’ll notice if and when something goes wrong. Establishing a good online reputation requires hard work, and protecting it demands even more!

Picture a top rated restaurant that has the same name as a poorly rated one in another city. Guests of the poorly rated restaurant wish to write a bad review, but they accidentally link it to the top rated restaurant instead. What a bad luck! Here is where iReputation’s monitoring kicks in, as we will monitor sites, forums and social networks where users can leave bad comments and reviews. We will inform the owners of the restaurant about the negative feedback with the suggestion for the best possible response. Our goal is to maintain our client’s good online reputation.

Reputation defender

Your online reputation could always be at risk, especially if you are a big known brand or in the market for a competitive niche. You own the right to protect your business and your own reputation from false claims, both of which you should leave to experts.

Let’s take that a furniture factory finds out an investor wants to buy 60% of their shares. However, the investor wants to buy the company at the lowest price, therefore is trying to decrease the stock value, harming the factory’s reputation by posting false reviews and creating fake affairs.
Our job is to track those claims and protect the factory’s reputation by resolving all harm attempts.

Crisis management

People tend to focus their efforts on the positive and hope for the best, but bad things can occur and it’s important to be prepared.  Problems can arise when you least expect them and no matter how bright your future may seem, it could all change overnight. In a crisis situation, it is important to act promptly and minimalize the damage. Such situations require fast, reliable and strategically planned reactions of a professional within minutes, not hours or days!
Imagine a shopping mall posted a 10 piece LED display on top of its building. Unfortunately, the wind has destroyed one and it fell on the street, injuring one of the customers. It became breaking news and the public is demanding answers.
iReputation specialists will act right away and help reducing negative effects of videos and comment the event.

Online Reputation Management


You created a remarkable website with modern design but how will people find it, and better yet – when? You’ll probably end up on the 40th page of Google. With good page optimization, you could make it up to page 5-10 in 12 months.
Did you know that over 70% of users never check the second page of Google?

Imagine your website is a store window on the street. Where do you want it to be located? On the main square, with thousands of people passing by, or some deserted suburban area? Aim for the top location – 1st page of Google is the place to be. Make it easier for customers to find you by targeting the right keywords.

Search engine positioning (SEO & SEP)

Once you get on the first page of Google, there will be no need for additional AdWords marketing campaigns. We will help you maintain your rankings for a long time. iReputation is not an ordinary SEO agency, and we won’t promise you instant results we cannot accomplish, but long-term results with great rankings.

We’ll offer you a tailor-made solution which won’t rely solely on „keyword“ strategy.

Our multidisciplinary team will support your SEO, social appearance, and media publications.

Search Engine Positioning (SEO & SEP)

03Search Engine Dismount

It takes years to create a good online reputation, but it can be destroyed in minutes. A ghost from the past can ruin your personal appearance, and can also destroy the business you’ve been successfully building. The internet never forgets. Old stories, harmful articles and images can influence your rankings and ruin your precious reputation.

Clearing your name and restoring your reputation is never an easy task, but as a team with multidisciplinary skills, we will successfully achieve that. Let’s say you need to remove something from the web. We can’t delete it for you, but we can remove it from the first few pages of Google search results.

Search engine dismount

04Instant Google Positioning

New Innovative Service!!! 

The number of competitors is increasing daily but Google has only 10 places on the first page. If you are already there, you’ve learned that it might take weeks, months or years – but you can get there!

Imagine you are an event organizer and you have only 30 days to gather an audience. Don’t worry, it can be done! It is a complicated task but we have developed methods that can be applied to any specific case with precise keywords.

Instant Google positioning

05Search Engine Management

Take over Google’s first page

What is it?
Do you know what sidechannels are?

Keep reading, because it is our speciality!
Is your business on the first page of Google? If so, great, but as you know, the competition is tough.

Are you happy with your results? Wouldn’t it be better to dominate the first page and take it over? For that, you need to create sidechannels and present yourself on more than 20 different specific platforms and systems.

Here are some examples:

Search engine management

Google search suggestion

Did you notice that while typing in the search box, Google suggests you the most frequent search phrases? Can you control it?

Imagine Google suggest your business name even before a user types it in!

As an example, pet shop “Paw” wants to improve search results and conversion rates.
iReputation team will create an algorithm for the term “pet shop paw” so when a user types in “pet shop” he or she will get a suggestion for “pet shop paw” and automatically rank it on the first search results page.

Google services

Google Maps, Google Images, Google Drive and Youtube videos can all work in your favour. Our solutions will help rank your pictures, locations, videos, and even your price list on top when someone searches for a certain term regarding you or your business.

Imagine a gardening company from Berlin started using Google services for the keyword “Berlin gardening”. If they hired us to prepare and rank their media material, after we’ve done our job, all Google services, pictures, and video would be ranking in top positions.

Stars make difference

For some terms we can see score stars and images appearing with the website link. That makes a huge difference, even if you are at the end of the page. We have the knowledge to make your website stand out from the crowd even if you are not positioned at the top.

Some terms in Google search result page display score stars under the website link. Some pages also have a small picture in front of them in the search results.
That makes a huge difference. Even if you are at the end of the page, your result stands out from the crowd. We can make it happen.

Search engine management

06Social, Forum & Review

Social media is a perfect sales channel for your brand or company where you need to monitor the user activity daily. There are many different channels you can choose from, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, Snapchat, FourSquare, forums… It is not easy to manage them all, it takes a lot of time and effort so allow us to prepare them for you. We can improve your social media profiles rankings, making them visible to a lot more users online.

Remember, every position you “own” is one position less for your competition.

Social, Forum & Review

07Review Management

People have the urge to express their opinions online, share satisfactions or disappointments regarding a service or product.

There are plenty of social platforms where they can submit reviews and leave comments.
Reviews are a powerful tool for your online reputation. 88% of potential customers make a decision upon reviews.

We will track reviews, handle answers and prevent negative effects.

Is it good to have some negative reviews? Why?
Can negative reviews help your business? How?
How to prevent further unwanted negative reviews?
We have all the answers.

Review Management

Why us?

How to choose the right team of professionals?

Here is why you should choose us and why iReputation is your best choice:


FREE Level One analysis.

After initial meetings, we conduct a research and you get a detailed report with very precise goals, expectations, evaluations, and metrics. Then together we define goals, costs, priorities and timeframes.


Professional Multidisciplinary Team with 10+ specialists

Internet special operations, online reputation management, and Search engine positioning are not jobs for one man.

We are not magicians

Only hard work, precise planning, and total commitment can produce desired results. We can really achieve, what others are only promising.

Best value for the price guaranteed

FREE Consultations

For any questions and inquiries you can speak with any of our friendly specialists, just call us directly.

Urgent response 24/7

Time is money, and in some cases, you need immediate support. We offer crisis management support, our specialists will respond promptly.

We believe in our work

These services can be very demanding and require a lot of time and money.  No problem if your budget isn’ big enough, we can become partners. Also, you can make payments on a monthly basis. Don’t worry about the money – we will find the best solution.

First class

We all know how important online reputation and market positioning for a business is. Allow us to make you look good – online. We have a First Class Service because you deserve it! Here are some advantages:

  • a professional multidisciplinary team with 10+ years of experience
  • tailor-made solutions for your specific needs
  • NO RISK partnership, we only charge a success fee after achieving results
  • total privacy protection and signed agreements
  • the ability to control your search results
  • 85/15 focus on constantly tweaking/improving our service over obtaining new clients



First class
  • reasonable fees regardless of who you are
  • no long term contracts obligations
  • numerous accounts across link building networks
  • professional writing
  • we are not a one-size-fits-all type of service
  • non-English and country localization




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Read about interesting facts, tips and tricks you can easily apply, written by our team members.


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Who are we?

iReputation is a multidisciplinary team of university degree specialists, mathematicians, well-known SEO specialists, web developers, programmers, system engineers, psychologists, social and public relation experts, social network gurus and business developers. 

A few senior team members have 20+ years of professional experience, working for large companies worldwide. Together we create innovative solutions and offer unique customer support.

Who are we?

You and your company have two dimensions: real life and online presence, both represent you. People will judge you only by what they see. Real life is roughly under your control – we make all the plans and hope for the best.

You cannot totally influence information search engines present and online reality isn’t something you can fully control. But, it doesn’t mean you have to leave it be.

We are here to manage the information search engines will present about you and your business.

Online Reputation Management Company


Can’t decide what information to present?

Feeling overwhelmed with your online appearance?

We can help you take control over your online reality.


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