Customer Stories Can Actually Increase Brand Awareness

When we say story, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Someone will suddenly go back to the past and remember all those nice stories from kindergarten, and someone will stop for a moment and refresh their memories on all the unique stories their grannies had told them. There will be the ones that will relate stories with old friends. However, all of us will agree that stories have a special role in our life, in all its stages. But, how can you relate a story to brand awareness? It is easy to see a relationship here. Brand awareness is based on a good story. It almost depends on it.

When you are in a situation to raise brand awareness, the story should be your first choice. But not the classical story about your brand or company. You need a warm story that people will like and remember, and of course, that will remind them of your brand. That kind of stories they will share with others gladly.

Brand awareness – important part of your reputation

We have already talked so much about reputation, and you know how important it is for your business. It can lift you to the stars, but also, it can ruin your business down. It is all up to you. Building and cherishing your brand awareness is a major step in your business development. It is a long and complex, but valuable process. Today, with all modern technology at our disposal, you can build your brand awareness much easier than 20 years ago. You just have to be smart, and use all those technology benefits in your favor. Why do we say that? Simply because it is a two-way road, and you are the one who should decide which way to go.

For example, Social Media can really help you to boost your brand awareness, but you need a detailed strategy. Otherwise, Social Media can turn against you. Each step of yours on any Social Media channel should be very good planned. On Social Media, everyone is free to comment and share your post, and in a minute, it could become viral. Keep that in mind every time you publish something on Social Media. More about the connection between Social Media and brand you can read in one of our previous blog posts – Social Media – Remarkably Boost Your Brand Awareness.

What is so magical about stories?

People can learn a lot from all kind of stories, and if those stories are unique and exciting, people will remember them, and the most important, they will share it with others. That way your story will contribute to the awareness of your brand and in the end, will generate revenue. Besides that, stories provoke emotions, and that is the most common trigger in advertising. Emotions. If your brand can evoke a positive emotion when it comes to your customer, you are on the right way to the top.

Now, stop for a moment and think. All the best advertisements have a strong story as a base. That is the best way for people to remember them. So, what can be a better for your brand than that? One thing. The story that other people had created and told about you. That is where all the magic is hiding. You don’t have to say anything. Make others do that for you. And make them enjoy in it.

Be brave – be different

Probably it is easier to say than done, what we have just mentioned above. But, you really can make people to share your vision and passion, and to be promoters of your brand. For a start, you have to be devoted to what you do, to show people that your brand is your dream, that you believe in it, and show them why. That is the only way to tell a powerful story worth of sharing.

As we have already mentioned in the beginning, it is much easier today, with all those modern technology and communication channels to spread your sparkle worldwide. So, use that benefit in your favor, but always keep in mind that technology can turn against you as well. Your customers can use all available tools and very easy and quickly check whether you are fake or not. Today, they can easily found out all about your marketing campaigns, and they will come to a conclusion in a minute. Your job is to take care that the conclusion goes in your favor. How to manage that?

Try to be different, unique. Highlight your differences in comparison with the competition, but in the right way. In that game, you shouldn’t play rough and say bad things about your competitors. Just the opposite. Your strength is in your product or service. If you create a great story about it which will be interesting, new, and attractive to people, they will share it with others, and in that process, they might also add their stories to, which could be an exceptional value for you.

Synergy is what counts

Sometimes it seems like creating a story is simple and easy. But, that is not thru. Creativity is special characteristic, and you need the best creatives on your side. There are two types of stories that will help you in creating brand awareness.

First one is the story you will tell to the others about your brand. It is not easy to make it, but it is crucial. We highly suggest hiring experts for that if you are not one of them. Let them show you a few solutions, and to recommend you something that will meet your expectations. You need to launch a good story if you want people to talk about it and relate it to your brand.

The other and the most valuable one is the story that other people will create about you. You can expect more than one story here. It is logical, people have different opinions, standards, they cherish different values, but you should take care that all of them have a positive emotion about your brand.

Now, we come to the synergy. It is crucial to cover both, story that you have created about yourself, as well as the story that other created about you. That is the right way to boost your brand awareness. You can’t have one without the other. If you are not able to make a good and exciting, but thru story about you, how can you expect your customers to do it?

Stories that will launch your brand to the stars

We have already mentioned that Social Media can work for you here. Be active user and give your fans useful information, so they will gladly follow you. Ones when you got their trust, and they are interested in what you have to say, use that and create a space for your users to tell stories about you. There are so many different ways, and one of them is to make a contest for the best story, or the funniest, interesting, unusual story about your brand. Give yourself an effort and establish an independent board to evaluate all the solutions. Also, you can do the same with videos. Ask people to make a video on some theme related to your brand and to published them on your YouTube channel.

We can probably all remember at least one good story that got viral in a minute and was made with no expectations. Stars are not so far now, are they?!