Online reputation management team will give you the market power

Nowadays it’s much harder to fight on the market for winning a client’s attention than it was a few years ago. The offline businesses had been rapidly transformed into the online versions, and the market had become unmerciful. So the market players can only accept the challenge to be the best because the top positions are reserved just for those who really are the best. That requires a lot of work, and of course, knowledge. The role of your online reputation management team is tremendous here.

They are your gateway to the market power. Who wouldn’t want that? The market power actually means that you will be recognized as an authority in your industry by search engines as well as online users.  You want to become the influencer who has a privilege, or better to say, who earned the right to be a leader, to dictate new trends, and finally, to take the biggest piece of market cake. But once you gain the market power, your main task is to keep that power. Even more, to strengthen it on a daily base. To achieve that, you will need a good team that consists of experts in different fields. Those experts will need to be able to cooperate with every department of your company on a regular, daily basis.

Creating your own team or hiring a company – question of all questions

Communication and cooperation are crucial parts of this story. Online reputation team is not the sole island in the corporative sea. They should cooperate with all departments in order to present the company in the best possible way. Online reputation team should be informed about all relevant information and businesses processes and policies, positive as well as negative. That way they can be prepared for all the questions and situations that may arise. It could be very harmful if the public finds out something before your online reputation management team – the time for the proper, reaction in that specific case is extremely reduced.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the company needs in-house online reputation management team, as a special company department, or is it better to outsource those tasks and hire a reputable company for that issue. That question does not have a unique answer, though. It depends on many factors, but one of the most important is the size of the company. Small companies can hardly afford in-house online reputation team. That is why it is recommended for them to hire an agency for that purpose. On the other hand, large companies can afford themselves their own department, but that doesn’t mean that is the best solution. Large companies also, very often, hires agencies.

Communication and cooperation are crucial for success of online reputation management team

What is the advantage of the agencies?

One of the biggest agency advantages is a diversity of experts – team members. Top agencies can offer you various combinations of team experts according to your needs. The range is wide, from SEO experts, Copywriters, Community Managers, a Crisis Management experts, to PR experts, sometimes even attorneys.

You won’t need all that experts at ones, so you could easily be wasting your money hiring all of them in one department in your company. Agency seems like a good solution here, even for bigger companies. They can allow themselves to replace members of the team whenever it is necessary, without any additional costs, which is not so easy if you have an in-house team. For example, there will be situations where you will need two Copywriters and one Community Manager, and before that, you needed just one Copywriter and one CM. In an agency, it is much easier to reorganize people in teams, according to client needs.

The other major advantage is an experience. This is what agencies do, and you can hardly beat them when it comes to an experience. They already have their own resources for all kind of information. Also, they are familiar with the reaction of the public in a specific situation. Often, they have teams divided by branches. That means that your team already knows the way your branch and its audience functions, and according to that, they can predict the next step.

Who are the experts you need in online reputation management team and what is their role?

There are some members of the team that you won’t be needing all the time, like attorneys and crisis management experts. But, it is important to have them available, so they can be activated when necessary. Their role in your company is huge. They just don’t have to be active all the time. However, in a crisis situation, you have to have someone who can jump in immediately and who knows your business. Also that person should be updated with all situations in your company. That is where the agency is a useful and cost-effective solution.

But, what about those experts who are the base of online reputation management team? Who are they and what do we expect from them? What is their mission?

  • SEO expert

Let’s get from the start. First of all, in your online reputation management team, you need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. He is one of the most important members of the team on which your ranking in search engine results depends. His main role is to take care that you achieve and remain on the top search engine results. Also, when you have some negative news, SEO expert is here to push that results down and to rank good ones. His action spectrum is very wide. Besides working on your website directly, he is in charge of link building and creating your private link network in order to boost your company or brand name in the best possible way, so people can find you at the moment when they are searching for a product or service related to yours.

  • Copywriter

Copywriters are the second most important link in the chain of Search engine optimization. Why is that so? SEO expert is the base, as we have already mentioned above, but to achieve a high ranking, he needs a good content. A copywriter is your content creator. Its role is not just to write blogs, which by the way, should be a high-quality piece of work, but also, to create your web page content, descriptions, posts for social media, as well as articles for link building and private link network. All that content has one mission – to bring people on your web, keep them there, and to convince them that your product or service is the best choice for them. In essence, to solve people’s problems and bring value to them.

  • Community Manager

Now, when you have a Copywriter to create great content and SEO expert that manages to use it in the best possible way according to search engines, you also need Community Managers to publish all that content on your Social Media pages according to plan and strategy.

You are maybe asking yourself now, why do you need a new manager for that, when everyone can post on Social Media, and that doesn’t take much time. Wrong. If you want a quality work which will lead you to the best results and conversions, you have to invest some time and plan all your steps in advance. All your posts should be smartly served to the right audience – targeted group. According to a plan that you have made before, the Community Manager will make a plan of your posts, and in communication with Copywriter and SEO expert, he will arrange what content will be made for what occasion. Also, when it is the best time to publish it, in what way and for what purpose.

  • PR expert

It is important to distinguish PR manager from Community Manager. PR expert has a much wider spectrum of actions, designed to address the public, while CM does that only through social media channels. His role is to unite actions of all experts in the company. Those information should be presented to the public, on the way that will cause a public reaction the company wanted.

  • Review Manager

Least but not in any way less important. Review manager is responsible for tracking every mention of your name or name of your company or brand on the Internet review sites. He will be the first to let you know who mentioned or reviewed you, when, in what context and where, so you can react properly if needed. Sometimes, the reaction won’t be necessary, but it is important to be updated. The most dangerous are situations with bad reviews and comments which can cause enormous damage to your reputation. Your proper reaction at the right time is priceless, so Review Managers have a great responsibility.

Only a high professional team, hard work and good organization will give you the market power

The market power – result of a good organization and hard work

The market power is something everyone talks about, and everyone wants it. But, not everyone can have it. The main reason for that lies in the fact that you need a good organization and hard work. On the quality of the experts, you have chosen for this mission depends on how fast you will rise. Also, the quality of experts will dictate how much time you will need to take the market power. It is important to remember that there is only one first place on Google.It is up for you to decide will you organize online reputation department in your company, or you will leave that task to the agency. Just keep in mind that team should be composed of the high professional experts. Otherwise, you can risk losing money and time invested in the project, or even worse, your reputation.