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Social Media – Remarkably Boost Your Brand Awareness

What is brand awareness and are we aware of the fact that we all for some reason, have specific brands we prefer more than other from the same group? Let us show you one example. When was the last time you have seen an ad for Gardaland, how often do you see Gardaland’s ads anyway? Not often probably. But even if you have never seen that ad you would still be aware of Gardaland. That is the power of brand awareness.

If we continue to buy one particular product, we tend to believe in the right buying decision in the past. First of all, people should be aware of the product so the brand loyalty could be build. Product awareness helps in all aspects of selling a product.

There is a difference between consumer awareness and product awareness, but still, those two ideas work together. Consumer awareness may not always be positive for a brand or product. On the other hand, a customer is much more appropriate to buy a product with product awareness. Social Media is a great channel to reach your consumer base. They will feel empowered if they know that you care about them. They will probably pay more attention to your company if they see a post about it in their personal news feed.


The role of Social Media in creating brand awareness

Social media management has a great role in exposing a specific brand to a new customer. How that function? A friend of existing customers will be presented to companies posts through their friend’s profile. It’s more likely they will list company to their news feed when they see that their friend likes it too.

It is evident that TV style of advertising rapidly loses reliability, because they interrupt people in consuming their content, so they always find a way to avoid somehow those advertisements. And the cause of that is not necessary the lack of interest in the product, sometimes it could be disagreement with the way that is presented to them. They will search for that product, of course, but on their own schedule.

That is the moment where Social Media gets the chance. The goal is to increase visibility using social media. That way consumers have much easier access to all information you present to them. By building your social media network you actually makes a group of customers that has access to your home page and with that, all the information about products and services you decided to share with them.

The reputation management team hired by a brand doesn’t have an easy task. They have to pay attention to online branding, even more than offline, because, in a case of online branding, their work remains online, always available to everyone, unless they decided to take it off, but that is not the typical situation when it comes to online branding.

Useful tips for online branding

Pay attention to research. That is the most important part of the whole process. The key is in digging beneath the surface to find the best solution every time, for every brand. Modify the channels of online reputation management for better results. Many reputation management companies often use the same brand building models, and the most used methods are SEO tricks through article or blog posting in combination with social media marketing.

A website is in focus of the third tip. It should present you in the best possible way to users and potential business partners. A good optimization is a must if you want to rank better in search engines.

Raise your brand awareness using Facebook

Considering Facebook’s popularity today, it doesn’t surprise the number of the company who decided to use this social media network to raise awareness of their brand. This way it is easier to get a following around the brand. That is a useful platform for exchanging experiences about products. Of course, the main rule of success here is to have a quality product or service. People can recognize fake in a very short time. So, don’t even try to trick them.

Facebook had redesigned Pages in 2011., and in that process they gave possibility to administrators to use this platform as their own page. That way brand can interact on Facebook as a brand. It broth many other benefits like the possibility to create page events, personalized page News Feed and since then it is much easier to access to page metrics. One more advantage is engagement with other pages which raise brand awareness.

Most people think that online marketing on Facebook is just the privilege of large enterprises. That is not true. Small traditional retailers can achieve so many benefits using Facebook in marketing. One of the advantages is a possibility to target the exact audience with a personal approach. The only problem that can appear here is a lack of people who could administrate Facebook page. It is not difficult to set up a Facebook page, but if you want to use it for brand awareness boosting, you need someone who will update it regularly.

What about Instagram?

Instagram offers several approaches to promote brand name and business. Using hashtags is the most popular, and one of the best way to promote brand name. You can use hashtags for your business, company, brand name or merchandise. That assures that people determine your brand or company with the hashtags they occur throughout photos posted on Instagram.

Using tagged URL is another possibility. When you upload photos related to your business or brand, insert backlinks to your site, because of URL tracking. Why is this helpful? First of all, you are able to know when there is visitor on your website. Also, you will know if he came from Instagram. That way you can ensure conversions for your business.

Video content can also boost Brand Awareness

For a long time, TV advertising was using an idea of pushing adverts in front of the user. But today, we have a little bit modern version where TV adverts appear before or sometimes during streaming online video on the web. Those ads were produced the same way as TV ads and entrepreneurs turn into the social movie and cell platforms to enhance manufacturer recognition and user engagement.

But, it is important to highlight the fact that online video marketing works differently of broadcasting adverts when it comes to an average audience.  The role of cookies is crucial in network promoting.