Google ranking

The Impact of Google Ranking on Your Business

It has been a little bit crowded for the last few years, not only on the global market but on the local level too. The competition is huge in almost every niche, and it’s getting harder every day to fight for your place in that crowd. How can Google help you here? It’s the most popular search engine in the world, so, Google ranking counts.

People often search for information on the Internet before they decide to buy some product or service, and it is crucial to give them what they want and need at the right moment – at the moment when they expect to find that information. That way they don’t have a feeling you are trying to sell them something just because of the sales results. Exactly the opposite – they appreciate detailed information about the product you have offered them.

Also, your position on the search engines will affect the traffic on your website, the costs of advertising, on your business image, interaction on your Social Media profiles, future business opportunities, etc.

But, let’s get from the start. How can you get on the first page of Google? How important is to stay there as long as possible? What benefits the first-page place can bring to your business? We will try to give you quality answers to those questions, just keep reading.

What do you need to get on the first page of Google?

In that project, you have to invest time and patience before anything else. Stay away from those who guarantee you the first page, especially if the time frame relates to a period shorter than a few months. The results of positioning process depend on a few factors. But, everyone should be very careful when it comes to guaranty. Here we will describe the most relevant factors that affect ranking.

  • Communication is the key to success

The most important thing is cooperation between client and those who provides you SEO services. People should have confidence in their SEO agencies. The plan is the base. Professionals who are serious in what they do will always make an analyze, as some start point. Then they will present a strategy they have made for you. Why is important to follow all directions? Because, if you not, it will affect results. You shouldn’t do anything on your hand. Before any changes on your website, always inform you SEO provider first. Even the small changes can distract their plan, and your way to the top could be slower. You don’t want that.

  • With keyword research to autohority

Keyword research is the foundation for all steps that comes in SEO. The one who works SEO for you will give some recommendation which word would be the best to rank for. It depends on competition and market in general. So, maybe you would like to rank for one word, and your SEO provider will recommend you the other. Listen to them. They use words based on deep research they have made before. Sometimes the word you want can’t be the best solution when it comes to competition. In that case, the solution is to choose longer keywords (phrases) with low competition and to build your content, quality and, what is the most important, authority. Over time, you can start using broad terms in order to rank for them too.

  • Content for more traffic

If you are planning to be, for a long period in a top position that you have already reached, or even if you are in the process of reaching it, you need a quality content. Mostly that includes a quality blog. The more quality content you have, the better your position will be. Also, you will be recognized as an authority which will bring you, even more traffic. The most common way to promote your content is your Blog which has a great impact on ranking.

  • Link building

The goal of link building is to make a link network where you have control on publishing your content, so, the link building is in a direct relationship with content. Some people build link network using some available software or even purchasing service. But, that is not a good solution, because that is the way to get spammy links, which can only hurt your business, instead of achieving success. Link building is a long run process, and besides that, it requires a lot of patience, planning, and in the end, communication with other webmasters or websites owners in order to help each other.

  • SILO

When we work on grouping related pages, no matter structurally or through linking, in order to establish the site’s keyword-based themes – it is called siloing. SILO is a part of On-Site optimization, but it is not in the common use among those who provides SEO services. SILO will bring you more Internet exposure which can result in more traffic, more business, and more clients.

How important is to stay on the top as long as possible?

Some people think the primary goal is to get on the first page of Google. It is true, but, we would like to add that it means nothing if you don’t stay there. That means you have to make an extra effort to be constantly in top position. But is really just the first page that counts? Things are never black and white. Why do we say that? Well, everybody talks about the first-page rank only, but very small number of people will talk about conversions, and that is your real goal.

Conversions are the reason for chasing top positions. Do you remember the keywords we have mentioned before? Sometimes being on the No. 1 for some keyword may get you less clicks than being on the No. 11 for some other keyword. If you try to rank for some expensive word with high search volume, that means that is very crowdy for that word on the top, and Google only has ten places on the first page.

Sometimes the first place on the second page can bring you more conversions than the first place on the first page. You have to consider AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) formula here, and of course, as we have already mentioned, competition. If you rank for a broad term that has characteristic of Attention, you won’t be able to make the conversion on a second page, because most of the quality results are on the first page.

On the other hand, if your position for some long tail keyword is on the second page, you have a better chance for conversion. Why? Because, when people search for a long tail keyword, Google will offer them many results for all those words, so sometimes they will need to go to second or even third page to find what they are looking for. People who are looking for a long tail words knows exactly what they want, and they are mostly ready for action.

What are the benefits of top positions?

Ones when you manage to reach the top position in your niche, for the desired keyword, you should do your best to stay there. Why? We have already mentioned that the top position will bring you some benefits like more traffic. If you are on the top position for desired keyword, people who search for that keyword will click more on your website than on some website on the 4th page of Google. That way your traffic is boosted on the organic way. Also, top position will help you to keep your good image in public. Everyone knows that serious companies cherish their image, and they try to be on a highest possible position on Google. The future customer will pick you because of your image, and also because he can find you easily.

One of the benefits of the top positions are future business opportunities. If people can find you on the first page of Google or even on the first few places of the second page, you have bigger chances to make a conversion. Of course, the position is not the only requirement of conversion. You need a good and interesting content on your website, call to action and quality product or service.

How can top position on Google reduce the costs of advertising? Easily. If you are on the first page of Google, you do not need to pay AdWords to reach the first five places on the first page. Your organic traffic has already taken care that you get that place. That has one more advantage, and that is an authority. Google will give you a high authority in case of organic traffic.

AdWords – why to buy the first position when you can have it anyway

We have already mentioned AdWords above, and here, we will explain it more detailed. So, people will always try to reach the first page, and not only the first page but first place on the first page. Now, first five places are reserved for AdWords. Depends on how much do you pay, you can reach first place through AdWords but think about it twice. We don’t say that you don’t need AdWords. They are very useful, but it shouldn’t be the only option.

Imagine that you all those financial funds for AdWords invest in your online reputation boost. Online reputation, if it is well arranged, can bring you organic traffic what Google favors. That way you can reduce your costs for advertising. Google will recognize you as an authority, while AdWords won’t provide you authority, no matter how much and for how long have you paid for AdWords – they don’t affect organic traffic. But, it is important to know that organic traffic affects AdWords. Let’s say you have respectable organic traffic, you can still pay and AdWords, but your Cost per Click (CPC) will be much lower than it would be if you hadn’t that high authority. So, AdWords – yes, but organic traffic should be your priority.

Remember, on a long run, investment in your online reputation will pay off.