Use Blog Properly and Boost Your Online Reputation Easily

In the era of Internet technology that we have been living in for a while, it is crucial to be ahead of the competition. On the Internet, everything changes so fast. You just have to keep up with all those changes and implement them into your business strategy. It is hard to become a key player on the market today and to place yourself on a good SERP position. With experts on your side, your way to the top will be much easier than without them. But, your job doesn’t finish here. Moreover, in that position, you need to struggle even harder to stay there, because, everyone’s goal is to reach the top position. You also need to boost online reputation.

So, how blog posts can help you to reach and remain in the top position in SERP? For a start, you shouldn’t think about the blog post as an article, try to think of it as one of the steps to better SERP position. It is a very important section of your road to Google’s first page, and it will help you to boost online reputation.

What is the role of a blog post in online reputation?

Imagine blog as a mirror of your company, of all knowledge, company brands, products and services you can offer to your customers and clients. But, be careful with that. You shouldn’t allow that blog category on your website or even blog as a separate web page, become a place for advertisement only. People will recognize that, and you will lose them even before they had a chance to become your regular readers. Remember, you need them. That is your way to drive traffic to your website.

So, how your blog post should look like if your goal is to boost your online reputation with it? Online reputation is the reason for many business movements, and it should be your priority, and blog is just one of that moves. For a start, you have to define goals that you want to achieve through the blog post.

Also, it is very useful to realize who your main target is, for whom you are writing that blog post, who would you like to communicate with. It depends, of course, on your product or services. Furthermore, your writing style is important. In the very beginning, it is good to decide if your blog posts will be written in formal or informal style. It is your choice, but it is good to keep in mind that blog is your way to be closer to public, so most of them are written in informal style.

Now, the most important part – knowledge. No matter if that is fashion, design, web development, financial sector, music, whatsoever, you have to be well experienced if your intention is to establish your company as a leader among your competition. Remember, everyone writes a blog today. You have to be very good to attract audiences, and for a long run, you can accomplish that with a quality content which brings some values to your readers.  Feel free to share your knowledge and experience, but be careful with the dosage.

How to attract audiences?

The posts you are publishing on your blog should be updated when it comes to new trends. People expect to find something new and interesting in every post you publish, so, try to give them that. That is the reason they will keep coming back to your website. Also, they will share your content with others, which means more traffic for you.

  • Importance of choosing a good topic

Choose the right topics for your posts. Share your findings with others through posts. You can explain it on the example of your products or services, it is not forbidden, you just shouldn’t use the blog as promotion channel only, or just to publish your company news. That kind of information can be a part of a blog, but, it shouldn’t be the only one. One of the goals is to create brand awareness and not to sell something to someone only ones. For that, you don’t need the blog post. Use blog as a secret weapon in a market battle. And use it smartly.

  • Take care of frequency

There are two good reasons for that – your readers and Google. Ones your readers are used to your regular posts your obligation is to keep them posted. Blogging is a never endless task. You have to keep doing it, because if your readers realize that your posts are outdated, they will find some other information resource, and then it is a tough job to bring them back. When it comes to Google, it is also appreciated if you publish posts in continuity, and it affects your rank too. If you have, for example, two weeks in a row, ten posts weekly, and then a whole week or two, or even more, you have nothing, Google will recognize that and your exposure will be lower. It is better option to publish two posts per week for five weeks. It is recommendable to write 1-2 blog posts per week.

  • Social Media as your booster key

Social Media is another good way to attract an audience. If you have a quality content, make sure you share it on all your Social Media profiles, but respect rules of every each one of them. Adjust your announcements for every profile of yours. Your article will be the same, but your approach to the public will be by the rules of each network. Put yourself in a position of a visitor. You are also someone’s reader, user, buyer, client… What is the trigger that works for you? Don’t forget on communication manners on Social Media. People will like and share your content. But be aware of the fact that they will leave comments too, sometimes good ones, and sometimes bad ones. The point is to handle them properly. You have to be a very experienced communicator in that situations.

  • Connect with the people with the same interests

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to connect with the people from the same niche as yours. Make a good research, find the ones that are willing to publish your article, and go for it. Also, you can offer to publish other people’s post on your blog if the theme is interesting, so the benefit is mutual. If you invest a little bit of effort you can get in touch with Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and many other big sites. They are always looking for a new, but quality content. That way you will get valuable backlinks and mentions that will boost your traffic, and your online reputation as well.

SEO as a crucial part of blog appearance

From all the things we have mentioned above, you can draw a simple conclusion – you have to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways to do that is to optimize everything following the SEO rules of optimization. First of all, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

The article must look good, and the title presents its crucial part. If you wrote a great article, but you put some regular title, people may skip it, and you want them to click on it, to read your article. Also, Google will recognize and connect title of your blog post with that field, and the more you practice it, the sooner you will become an authority in that field in Google’s eyes. That means more visitors and more traffic. But, the title is just one part of optimization. You have to optimize everything on your blog post (the whole text, image picture and all the pictures inside the post, video if you have any, meta title, meta description).

Connection between blog post and online reputation

As we have already sad, a blog post is one of the steps to improve your online reputation. So, how a blog post can boost your online reputation? Through blog posts, you can build your image. Google will recognize you then as an authority in particular field of interest, which means more traffic. More organic traffic will ensure you’re a better SERP position and brings you more opportunities for viral marketing. Also, publishing blog posts will give users possibilities to connect with you, your company or brand. In that case, they will continue coming back on your site, so that way you create brand awareness. Now, you can see, everything we have mentioned above in this article has a huge role in building and boosting your online reputation. So, the crucial is to connect all that elements correctly.