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Why Do You Need Review Management?

What is online review management? Why is it important to have in your company expert for this area? We are talking here about one of the crucial parts of every company, no matter in which areas the company operates.

Today, with all advantages that Internet offers, people have so many options to express their feelings or opinions about something. It can be an advantage or disadvantage for your business, depends on how you treat reviews. It’s interesting that it is much easier to get negative reviews than positive ones. When people are disappointed or unsatisfied, or even better, when they are feeling deceived, the very first thing that crosses their minds is to write bad reviews. Why? Because it is possible. Today’s technology gives them that option. Why complain about something just to a friend when you can tell that to the whole world in just one click. That is why you need review management – to be able to react properly in every situation.

How can social media help to review management?

Many companies employ individuals to monitor their social media networking profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, tracking reviews are just one aspect of their job. They also help clients to protect or even boost their online reputation. Companies such as will provide you a full service when it comes to online reputation including social media monitoring. That way clients can be sure that they will be informed if it comes to company online attack.

If you decided to set up a Twitter account to help you with web marketing, be sure to visit it often to see what individuals are saying. There is a recommendation that if anyone posts any complaints on your company profile you should react politely as soon as possible. You surely won’t let the upset client wait for an answer.

The quick answer is crucial

Always respond to your critics and thank your fans. The Internet is all about conversation. You’ve listened. Now you must answer. Yelp gives some helpful information how to respond, both, positive and negative reviews. Make sure you do that with a proper dose of common sense.


  • be impolite or insult people
  • act defensively
  • behave like you don’t care,
  • be egoistic and act like you are the smartest, etc.

All the things which annoy you about people at an evening meal party are the same things that can annoy consumers online. So, keep that in mind. Social sites enable you to be head to head with your target group. Even if they don’t turn into paying customers, you still gain valuable insight into what they assume and how they react.

Be prepare to hear what your customers are saying. You can set a Google Attentive to inform you whenever someone mentions business. Go over the opinions and see just what websites those articles are being created. Visit those sites and if you’re not currently, consider becoming a part.

When you should respond to negative reviews and when it’s better not to?

Many situations will result in negative reviews. People have the right to react in all kind of situations, but they are more likely to do that if there is some problem then if they should write something positive. So, you have to be prepared when is appropriate to respond to negative reviews. That is where review management jumps in and with proper assessment, manage the whole situation.

You should respond if:

You are aware of the fact that you or your company made some mistake
Someone is misrepresenting the facts
You realize that you are dealing with the “very loud” reviewer who has an extensive social network and can cause a big damage to your company with that review in a very short time.
When you can salvage the situation and turn it into you benefit

You shouldn’t respond if:

You are still under the impression of a bad review, and you can’t think clearly. Then you should cool you head before any reaction
The person who wrote the review has a habit of writing bad reviews for everything and everywhere. There is no chance to get this battle, so it is better to leave it. You could step in only if the reviewer wrote some false information about your company, product or service
If your reaction will produce even bigger damage (don’t mess around with crazy people on the internet, it will just fire them up)

The benefits of good online reviews

Good online reviews can bring new customers to you, so it is crucial to make sure you get ones. First of all, you have to have an excellent service or product. Otherwise, you can forget about good reviews. However, great product or service mostly won’t make your client or buyer leave some written trace. You have to make some “call to action”, and you can do that in a few different ways.

  • Let people know you are on review sites

For a start, you have to give people clear information about you being on review sites and that you appreciate reviews. The simplest way is to download some banner from Yelp for example – Find us on Yelp, so people can see that when they come into your restaurant. Post sale reminders are one of the solutions. You can do this by sending follow-up emails after a successful sale, which gives people opportunity to share their experience.

  • Leaving reviews must be easy

People don’t have much time today, so it is important to highlight that posting some reviews won’t take much time to them. Use all your marketing materials to let people know they can leave their review, and where. Also, it is recommendable to share that information on your website, and social media too.

Set up a balance between good and bad reviews

Taking all above mentioned into consideration, it is clear that review management has a huge role in business. For this position, you need to be a discerning person with a great sense for human psychology so you can react appropriately on every task. Bad reviews, if you ignore them, could cause huge damage to the company. It is important to set up a balance between good and bad reviews, keeping in mind that solution is, besides answering on bad reviews, to make good reviews numerous so they can compete and finally beat the bad ones.

Make sure your online reputation is in good hands and take care of online reputation in your company. If you have any questions on this theme, don’t hesitate to send a query to, we will be glad to help you.